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Welcome to Cannon River STEM School (CRSS).  Volunteers are a very important part of our school’s education team.  It takes an exceptional person to give his or her time and energy to help make our school stronger.  Your caring enables us to work better and more productively, and your involvement brings to our students the extra time and personal contact that are vital to academic success.  You are sending students the powerful message that people care about them and that volunteerism makes our community stronger.

Here at CRSS we strive to involve parents, teachers, and the community in cooperative ventures to expand and enhance learning experiences and meet the needs of individual students.  Take a moment to think about what your strengths and passions are and how your skills can be best used at CRSS.  We are confident you will find many rewarding volunteer opportunities to match your interests.

Opportunities to Volunteer:
Reading Buddies
Learning Support
Field Trip Chaperones

To learn more about volunteering at CRSS contact the office at 507-331-7836 or email [email protected]