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School Hours are 8:05 AM - 2:45 PM
Students arriving after 8:05 need to check in at the main office.

No matter how old your student is, school attendance is important. Children who are in school on time every day, unless they are sick, are more likely to be successful in school in every way. In fact, many studies indicate that attendance is a more accurate predictor of future high school graduation than academic performance! While we are here to help with school attendance, YOU are the most important factor in making sure your child is successful. The biggest contribution you can make is valuing your child’s education and making sure he/she is in school.

Learn more about attendance and when a doctor’s note is required by clicking HERE.

To let the school know if your student is going to be absent, please call the office at 507-331-7836 or send an email to [email protected]

Any same day transportation changes should be called into the office before 2:00 pm.