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Director's Message

August 27th, 2021
Dear Cannon River STEM School Community,

At Cannon River STEM School we value the diversity of opinions and beliefs held
by our community members - staff, families, and students. We also celebrate that
we are bound by a shared love for environmental education and a commitment to
evidence-based inquiry. Most importantly, we do our part to ensure each person’s
safety and wellbeing and demonstrate our shared responsibility toward one another.

Many K-12 school communities are grappling with topics related to equity and inclusion and how
these issues inform their educational approach with students. I wanted to share some
information to put that debate into the context of our practices and plans at CRSS.
As a public school in the state of Minnesota, we are required to engage in professional
development around equity and inclusion. This work is to ensure that we offer an excellent
education to all of our students, regardless of race, identity, socio-economic status, physical
abilities, or learning needs. You can learn more about this statewide initiative by following this
link: Minnesota's Equity Commitments.

I’ve been asked by some Cannon River STEM School community members about how we
approach the topics of race and inclusion with our students and in our curriculum. Our Board,
administration, educators and staff are fully committed to ensuring that Cannon River STEM
School is a place where all students feel valued and part of the community. We follow the
Minnesota Social Studies Standards in our curriculum, and our teachers create learning
environments that embrace students with diverse needs and backgrounds.

At Cannon River STEM school we work to provide materials and training for the teachers to
understand strategies for inclusion with ALL of our students so that they feel respected, safe,
and engaged in their learning. We want every student to experience a culturally relevant
education and every educator to be well-prepared to serve our students.

If you are curious to learn more, check out the resources on the Minnesota Department of
Education website or reach out to me by phoning school at 507-331-7836 or emailing me
directly at [email protected].

I look forward to hosting various ways to engage in conversation this year about how we can
best partner to offer your children an amazing E-STEM education (environmental, science,
technology, engineering, & math) here at CRSS.

With warmth and respect,

Wendy Fisher
Executive Director
Cannon River STEM School

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